The Geeks I Met at SXSW

March 20, 2011

There were tons of people at SouthBy and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to meet all my favorite industry leaders and other web geeks who I know only through Twitter. I knew I wanted to meet Jeremy Keith - who's blog got me initially excited about web design. Any one else would be a bonus. Since I was on my bike, I had a pretty good chance to catch someone if they happened to be close by. SXSW expands throughout the entire Downtown Austin area - from the Hyatt just across the Congress bridge to the Sheraton on 11th Street - and scattered amongst all the Downtown Austin bars and coffee shops.

Serendipitous coffee shop gods

Speaking of coffee shops, Halcyon is one of my favorites in Austin and I decided to cycle over to catch a late lunch one day. Scanning the room revealed one particular table that was basically the who's who of web design huddled together. This was a table with Jeffrey Zeldman, Rob Weychert, Ethan Marcotte, Aarron Walter, Richard Rutter, and the aforementioned Jeremy Keith. I spoke briefly with Jeremy and Ethan but the visit was all too short. I hope to speak with both in the near future. Note to self: register for An Event Apart.

The Genesis Crew

I would'nt be bombarded with potential clients if it wasn't for the nice guys running things at StudioPress. I was able to hang out and meet Rafal Tomal, Nathan Rice, Craig Tuller, Brian Gardner and a few others. Excellent people and very nice guys to talk to. Glad I was able to join them at the Starbucks on Trinit

Other run-ins and such

Met Tantek Çelik on the street as I was passing by. He's the reason I brought plenty of energy bars. Also met Tiffany Duening at the IE9 Release Party briefly and had a great conversation with Jeffrey Donenfeld before Bruce Lawson's "Web Anywhere" talk. Finally got to meet Martin Hooper from the Drifting Creatives dynamic duo.

Latest Thoughts

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