Talking to Industry Students

March 26, 2015

I was invited to talk to The Iron Yard students yesterday at their Austin office. The office is located in the old Happy Cog office building at Penn Field on South Congress. I was happy to go back and see the place where I worked with so many brilliant people.

The students had really great questions. So much so, I was able to open up to them and talk comfortably about freelance gigs, time management, contracts, and being active in the community. I'm really satisfied with my conversation with them.

I didn't have any slides prepared because I just wanted to keep it casual and riff about how I came into the industry and what did and didn't work for me. Here's my outline of what I talked about:

My path to freelance

  • Took classes at TSTC
  • Talked to a local freelancer: Bill Erickson
  • Freelance WordPress Development
  • Full time job at Texas A&M
  • Off Canvas with Luke Wroblewski
  • Happy Cog
  • FlexNav
  • Off Canvas and FlexNav led to startup work

Staying active

  • Meetups
  • Write on your own site
  • Connect with people
  • GitHub
  • CodePen
  • Show and tell

What works for me

  • early morning schedule
  • I work around 10-12 hours/day
  • turn it off at 6pm
  • unwind in the evening
  • Sleep, exercise, eat right

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