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March 22, 2011

For the past few months I’ve been working on redesigning the Texas AgriLife Extension county websites. This is essentially one WordPress theme for 256 individual Texas counties. Each county will have it’s own site and our web production team will be administering through a single WordPress network install.

One of the ideas I had when researching how I would recreate these sites was to build fast loading, adaptive interfaces that are device-agnostic using a technique called responsive web design. The technique requires the designer to use an iterative workflow. I sketch out ideas and code up the initial live mockups in html and css. Then check how the site responds to resizing the browser. Using css media queries, I’m able to change the layout depending on the browser viewport. Check out the showcase (and this site) for live examples.

We’re about to launch to a few urban counties for testing and I’m getting pretty excited. It’s been a challenge so far and I’m looking forward to showing them off.

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