Mapping Fusion Tables

February 13, 2012

At work we needed a new way to organize all our office locations across Texas and map them on a Google Map. Instead of coding up all the data in the document, I went a different route. (Get it? Different route… Ok, I'll stop.)

Enter Fusion Tables

We had all of our location data already marked up on a different site so all I needed to do was parse through it and put that data into a new Google Fusion Table. Once the table is made public, I can map out the data onto a map. This makes it very easy to edit the data in the cloud and keep the map updated. Details on how to set up a new google Fusion Table layer can be found at the Google Code docs for the Maps api.

Agrilife locations screenshot

The locations map I made for AgriLife has 4 different layers that I've sorted by a “Type" column I added to the table.

Each layer has a corresponding legend item with a checkbox to toggle that particular layer.

Agrilife locations legend screenshot

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