Make it Your Own

March 26, 2012

I've received some email regarding my Off Canvas demo with a few suggestions on how to make it better. While I think all of these ideas are fantastic, I'm not going to attempt to do so. The general layout for the pattern is there and I don't want to get into some sort of iterative, time-consuming mess of making it better. I'd much rather save all those good ideas for when I'm actually working on a real design project.

Here's a couple of suggestions for making it better:

Swipe/Touch Gestures

The idea here is to make the center panel swipeable to reveal the menu and extra panels on small screens. This would be fantastic and I even tried doing this using a jQuery Swipeable Plugin but that would add a lot of complexity to the demo. Once you add touch events to an element it's hard to get a natural page scroll right. I wanted the code to be simple and approachable.

Button icons

For the two “buttons" that show up on small/medium viewports, it would be nice to replace the text with some icons. Perhaps arrows that show that a panel is supposed to be a toggle. Possibly using an icon font set.

Thanks to all those who wrote me. See the demo for what it is and think about making it your own on your next responsive project. Also, I love my job.

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