Coding Kelli

March 12, 2015

For the past year I've been encouraging Kelli to learn front-end and PhotoShop. She's been home raising our two girls for the past 4 years and now that our youngest started kindergarten, she's looking to get back into job mode. I'm proud to see her everyday sitting in front of our old 2007 iMac—text editor open—slowly pecking away at angle brackets and curly braces.

She's really taken off and advanced her skills the past few months especially. She's read around 5 books, watched tutorials on YouTube, and taken several courses on Codecademey. I've taught her some of the tricks I know for getting around in Atom and OSX.

We haven't made our way to preprocessors and task runners yet but I'm pretty confident she'll move into that quickly. She's currently working on her first real project and I'm helping her with the process. She made her first sitemap, content doc, and push her first commit to GitHub last week. Things are moving pretty fast and I'm hoping this practical application of her new skills will make everything stick.

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