A Thing Called Wrkshop

March 13, 2015

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Kelli has been learning front-end code for the past year and I realized I might really enjoy teaching more than initially thought. This got me thinking about putting on small workshops for the Austin area. Sputnik certainly has a great space to accommodate 10-16 person events. I've already written about Wrkshop on the company blog but wanted to document how it all plays out here on my site.

A little back story:

After getting Rick and Anthony on board with the idea, I asked my friend Sophie if she'd like to do a workshop. These initial responses kinda blew me away. Everyone was totally in to it. My confidence was up so I ventured out to find others that might want to get in on this little project. Trent, Bryan, Sam, Adam, and Michael rounded out the first line up for the Spring sessions. All I consider to be smart, amazing Austin-based designers and developers. Ryan helped with the branding/design of Wrkshop (thank you, Ryan. You're talent and willingness to help is admirable). The site is built with Craft using Stripe for payments—a breakdown of how I did it deserves it's own post.

Our first workshop is March 28 with Rick and I'm pretty excited to get it going. If you're into practical workshops with hands-on training by enthusiastic teachers, consider registering for a few of our workshops while they're only $50 each.

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